R18  VENUE – As the organiser, it is your responsibility to be aware of your guest’s ages. Bookings that involve topless waitressing, nude waitressing or a strip show, our girls can ask to see ID if a guest is suspected of being under 18. If underage, the guest must leave or the girl/s will leave and no refunds will be given.

Ikandi acts a booking agent between you and the girls. The girls are independent contractors and are responsible for their own insurances and actions. Ikandi accepts no liability or responsibility for the actions of the contractor. Any damage or injury to any persons or property by the contractor is between you and the contractor.
A deposit is required. As soon as the deposit is received, the booking is deemed confirmed. If you decide to cancel your booking within 7 days of your event, your deposit is forfeited. After the deposit has been received, if you decide to make any changes to your booking within 7 days of your event additional charges may apply.
No photos or videos are to be taken during the show or without the consent of the entertainers.

Before the girl/s arrive. Make sure there is a clean and clear area large enough for the girl/s to perform. The girls only perform inside, not in outdoor areas unless the outside area is covered (such as a patio) and prior notice has been given. Please make sure that all outstanding monies are ready to give to the girl/s as soon as they arrive as they will not start their shift until they have received payment. The girls usually arrive shortly before their booking time in order to collect money, change and be ready as soon as your booking is to start. If you take undue time in paying the girls, the time will come out of your booking.

Change area. You may be required to provide the girl/s with an area to get changed or leave their belongings whilst completing the booking.
No touching the waitresses. Waitresses are there to serve you and entertain your guests. If you require a waitress that is happy to upgrade to lap dances then please specify this when making initial enquires and we will endeavour to match you with appropriate girl/s.
Touching a stripper is only permitted if the stripper gives consent. The degree of touching varies with each girl but you cannot touch them between the legs or kiss them.

No abuse. No yelling at the girl/s. No insulting the girl/s. No throwing objects at the girl/s. No grabbing of the girl/s inappropriately.
If the rules are broken by you or your guests during the booking the girl/s reserve the right to leave and ALL monies will be forfeited.